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The Omnia Group, Inc. (Candidate Behavioral Assessment)

Monzingo Legal is always looking for hiring resources and tools to recommend to our clients. Monzingo LLC and The Omnia Group, Inc. are both members of the National Association of Personnel Services.

For over 30 years, The Omnia Group has helped organizations across the world improve and optimize their workforce operations and company cultures. While they take a unique, scientific approach to hiring, development and retention, they also believe every business is a people business.

The Omnia Profile – Behavioral Assessment

  • Gain insight into a candidate’s natural job behaviors and fit before investing in follow-up interviews and training.
  • Develop job benchmarks based on the traits of top performers, enabling you to find your next wave of talent.
  • Measure your candidate’s ability to reason, solve problems and comprehend ideas. Cognitive aptitude is a strong indicator of successful job performance.

Head on over to Omnia for more information and contact them directly if you’d like to set up an account.

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