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Calling all High Achieving Women

I am thrilled to be a part of the podcast launch team for the High Achieving Women podcast, powered by the KNOW Women. If you’d like to join me in this movement to help bring more opportunities to professional women “to the table”, we’d love for you to join us. Stay tuned for my interview on the podcast in August 2021! See for more information. – Mary Beth Link, CEO and Owner of Monzingo Legal.


too many successful female leaders are left undiscovered. You’re a high-achieving woman.

Now it’s time to get the business building, media, and PR tips you need to attract the recognition you deserve. This podcast will help you stand out as a leader in your business or career because we believe you are a woman that deserves to be KNOWN.

About the co-hosts:

Sarah Benken – CEO for KNOW Women (zone of genius: bootstrapping and sales)
Sara Mayer – Sara Mayer Consulting (zone of genius: time management and organization)
Erica Castner – Castner Consulting / Host: Love the Work you Do Podcast (zone of genius: networking)
Erica Storck – Founder Crown Lane Designs (zone of genius: side hustle to full-time hustle)
Katie Soyka – Owner Katie Soyka Photography (zone of genius: branding photography)


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