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Top 3 Professional Groups for Law Firm Managers

The profession of law firm management is not without its joys as well as challenges. Legal Administrators face many facets of responsibility from personnel and technology to marketing, finance and operations. Participation in a professional group related to law firm management could be the key to success to advance professionally and grow and expand within the field with added confidence. Here are top 3 professional groups for law firm managers and directors:

Association of Legal Administrators

Membership in the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) is essential to success for those charged with managing a law firm to stay on top of the learning curve, demonstrate mastery and for valuable networking and mentorship with other legal industry colleagues. ALA Membership is open to principal administrators, branch office managers, marketing directors, and managers of any department in a law firm or corporate legal environment.

The benefits of membership in the Association of Legal Administrators are an international annual conference with thousands of participants and the latest legal industry speakers and vendors, ongoing quality webinars and roundtables on demand, management publications, podcasts, career resources and job bank, mentoring programs, a peer chat board, regional and local seminars, monthly educational luncheons with local colleagues, networking and volunteer opportunities. The ALA also has an impressive diversity toolkit to assist in managing the law firm structure.

The ALA provides the most prominent certification in law firm administration: the Certified Legal Manager (CLM). The CLM demonstrates to your employer a high level of skill and competence as a manger in the legal environment and a commitment to success and continued learning in law firm practice management. After obtaining the CLM, annual educational credits are required to renew it and stay at the top of your field in legal management.

Legal Marketing Association

The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) is the premier organization for legal marketers at all levels. Often, the principal office manager of a law firm is also charged with handling the marketing and therefore could benefit from the LMA. Or the firm may have dedicated legal marketing professionals in addition to the office manager. Either way, the Firm Administrator or COO should be aware of this organization.

The LMA is an international group of marketing pros from coordinator to chief marketing officer levels in law firms or corporate legal departments of all types and sizes. The LMA provides quality education and regional and annual conferences with thousands of attendees and legal marketing vendors. The LMA’s job bank is a great resource for employers seeking to hire and for candidates on the market in search of law firm marketing-related jobs.

Additionally, the LMA’s extensive white papers, surveys and publications offer a valuable resource for leaders of law firms. The LMA is a great place to grow professionally, expand your network, obtain fresh ideas on an ongoing basis, and to be more effective in your day-to-day marketing job.

Society for Human Resource Management

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a broad human resource management organization serving all industries and is another valuable tool to those managing law firms and who have responsibilities in personnel management. SHRM offers levels of certifications that are well-respected in the law practice arena as well as other areas. SHRM offers education, forms and employee handbook resources, as well as annual conferences and opportunities to network with HR professionals and learn the latest in HR technology, employment law updates and best practices. Additionally, SHRM offers a job bank and other human resources career resources.

Whichever of these top 3 groups for law firm managers you join may depend on your area of expertise in your particular field of management at the law firm or corporate legal department. However, if resources are available, it may be valuable to join two or all three of these legal industry organizations to support all of your career objectives and grow professionally in the legal management field.


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