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Tuesday Wins As the Most Productive Workday

February 21, 2022 | Careers

More than 40% of hiring managers say Tuesday is the most productive workday. Therefore, if your to-do list is long, tackle it on Tuesday. Why is this? Too many people fail to plan their Monday, until it is Monday. As to mid week slump, Wednesday takes the prize.

To avoid ups and downs in your work efficiency, take a look at the big picture when planning your workweek. Before you close up on Friday, make a list of the top three items to accomplish on the following Monday. Then go and make a deliberate effort to truly recharge over the weekend.

Too many of us fall into doing chores and running errands all weekend instead of spending quality time with self and others, and getting outdoors to just relax. The laundry can wait–taking time to reset is invaluable and will make you more productive in your career.


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