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6 Tips to Help Recruiters Contact You on LinkedIn

Do you want to engage with Recruiters and other professionals on LinkedIn?

Here are six tips to help recruiters engage with you on LinkedIn:

1. Make you headline an actual job title. LinkedIn algorithms match job posting titles to headline/job titles on profiles. Additionally, recruiters manually search job titles and not the trendy, descriptive headlines like “I make your life easier!” or “I help families going through divorces” etc.).

2. Make sure you have completed the “About” section. Consider duplicating the “summary” section such as from the top of your traditional resume. The About section is searchable in LinkedIn and gives recruiters a quick snapshot of you, your background, and abilities.

3. “Raise your Hand” in LinkedIn to privately indicate to recruiters you are open to new opportunities. This feature is found in settings.

4. Work towards achieving “All-Star” status on your LinkedIn profile by completing all fields available that are relevant to your background.

5. Make sure your photo is a professional, business head shot. Please! The photo is your first impression. Remember that LinkedIn is not a social network – it is a business network and the photo should reflect accordingly.

6. Engage on others’ posts (likes, insightful comments, shares). LinkedIn will show your activity in news feeds of persons in your network bringing higher visibility to your profile. Additionally, the more activity on your profile the better in terms of LinkedIn algorithms which also makes your information more visible.

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