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More Attention Needed to Attract Top Talent

Unemployment is at its lowest rate in 50 years. While that is certainly something to celebrate, recruitment specialists are more important than ever to source passive candidates. The battle for top talent is getting harder and harder to win. As a business, it’s expected you’ll have some of your own processes for recruiting and hiring candidates. Every company or law firm has different needs, timelines, expectations, and resources when it comes to bringing on new employees. However, with accurate legal market intelligence you will be able to attract premium talent.

What Candidates Look for in a New Job

The following are the top 5 items candidates look for in a new job:  Work-life balance, compensation, culture fit/values aligning with candidates’ own, diverse and inclusive work environment, and job location.  In fact, be willing to look outside of your local market. More legal professionals are relocating. Additionally, tele-commuting is popular among today’s job seekers.

What Employers Should Know

Knowing how to “hire smart” is a must for any law firm or employer, no matter what the economy looks like. A company or law firm that does not think strategically about recruiting could miss out on the best candidates. Candidates are interviewing the company as much as the company is interviewing them, so it is important to demonstrate the value of working for your law firm.

Remember, fewer candidates are “pounding the pavement” in today’s market. Sought-after professionals who know their value are unlikely to peruse job boards (and even less likely to stumble upon your website’s careers page).

Now is the time to take a critical look at your hiring process to make sure it is efficient and effective.

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