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What’s In a Job Title?

As a legal recruiter and HR management consultant, many of my law firm clients ask me to assist with determining job titles and writing job descriptions and job postings. One of the questions often asked is, “what should we call this person?”

Sometimes hiring managers, managing partners, and attorneys do not realize the importance of job titles to new employees or candidates. A job title should reflect the level of authority given to the candidate, the job that person is performing, and be in line with other job title structures at the firm and in the legal market. In addition, sometimes choosing the right job title will win you a candidate looking for acknowledgment for their achievements in a job title beyond compensation.

If your law firm or company would like to review structure, company organizational charts, and employee job titles, Monzingo Legal can help. Contact Mary Beth Monzingo Link today to get started.

Retain Top Legal Talent

When an employee receives an increase in job responsibility, it is vital to obtain the job title commensurate with the role. For example, a legal assistant or legal secretary who has completed the educational and experience requirements to qualify as a paralegal or obtains a paralegal certificate should have their title changed to “Paralegal.”

Similarly,  a Paralegal who has demonstrated successful years of experience and expertise in an area of law would be deserving of an upgraded title at review time, such as “Senior Immigration Paralegal” or “Senior IP Paralegal.” When a Senior Paralegal begins to oversee other legal assistants and paralegals, then “Paralegal Manager” is appropriate.

Additionally, an Associate Attorney who has gone above and beyond in legal ability and is developing new business exceeding the firm’s expectations might receive the job title of “Senior Associate Attorney” and so on.

Below is a comprehensive list of common job titles in the legal industry:

Law Firm Management (non-Marketing)

Accounting Manager
Accounts Payable Manager
Administrative Director
Administrative Services Manager
Associate Recruiting Director
Billing Manager
Branch Office Manager
Business Manager

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
Chief Diversity Officer (CDO)
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Chief Talent Officer (CTO)
Compensation Analyst
Compensation and Benefits Manager
Director of Accounting
Director of Administration
Director of Attorney Experience
Director of Community Engagement
Director of Diversity & Inclusion
Director of Finance
Director of HR & Operations
Director of Human Resources
Director of Operations
Director of Recruiting
Director of Recruiting & Professional Development
Director of Legal Recruiting and Development
Director of Talent Management
Executive Director
Facilities Lead
Facilities Manager
General Services Manager
HR Business Partner
HR Manager
Human Resource Information Specialist (HRIS)
Human Resource Manager
Human Resources Administrator
Human Resources Director
Law Firm Administrator
Law Office Administrator
Law Office Manager
Legal Administrator
Legal Operations Manager
Manager, Library and Research Services
Managing Partner
Marketing Partner
Office Administrator
Office Manager
Office Services Manager
Operations Director
Operations Manager
Professional Development Manager
Recruiting & Professional Development Specialist
Recruiting Director
Regional Manager
Regional Office Manager

Trending Job Titles That Are Replacing “Human Resources”

People Operations
Chief People Officer
Chief Talent Officer
Employee Experience Manager
Employee Success Manager
HR Business Manager
Talent Services (HR) Manager
Partner Resources
People@_______ (your firm name)

Law Firm Staff

Applications Administrator
Billing & AP Specialist
Billing Coordinator
Billing Specialist
Benefits Coordinator
Case Manager
Client Intake Manager
Client Information Manager
Director of First Impressions (Reception)
Docketing Specialist
eDiscovery and Records Manager
eDiscovery Project Manager
Executive Assistant
Executive Legal Administrative Assistant
Facilities Coordinator
File Clerk
File Manager
Front Desk Executive
Front Office Administrative Assistant
Human Resources Coordinator or Assistant
Information Clerk
IP Litigation Business Manager
IP Paralegal
IT Support Specialist
Law Clerk
Law Firm Intake Specialist
Law Firm Project Assistant
Law Office Assistant
Legal Administrative Assistant
Legal Assistant
Legal Office Support Services Manager
Legal Professional Assistant
Legal Records Clerk
Legal Secretary
Legal Technologist
Litigation File Clerk
Manager of Records and Business Intake
Manager of Records and Office Services
Medical Records Manager
Office Assistant
Office Coordinator
Office Services Clerk
Office Services Manager
Office Services Specialist
Office Services Technician
Onboarding Assistant
Paralegal Manager
Practice Administrator
Pre-Suit Case Manager
Records Custodian
Records Management Specialist
Records Manager
Records Specialist Lead
Regional HR Coordinator
Regional Office Assistant
Research Clerk
Senior Corporate Paralegal
Senior Immigration Paralegal
Systems Coordinator
Trademark Paralegal
Title Paralegal

Law Firm Marketing

Audiovisual Manager
Business Development Administrator
Business Development Coordinator
Business Development Director
Business Development Manager
Business Development Specialist
Business Development & Marketing Specialist
Chief Legal Office
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Client Experience Manager
Communications Specialist
Community Engagement Manager
Community Relations Coordinator
Content Marketing Specialist
Content Writer
CRM Administrator
Database Administrator
Digital Communications Specialist
Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing Project Manager
Director of Business Development
Director of Client Experience & Community Engagement
Director of Marketing
Director of Marketing & Business Development
Director of Public Relations
Events Coordinator
Events Manager
Events Coordinator
Events Assistant
Graphic Designer
Head of Business Development
Head of Marketing
Law Firm Marketing Director
Legal Conflicts Analyst
Legal Marketing Assistant
Manager, Client Engagement
Marketing & Communications Specialist
Marketing & Special Events Assistant
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Audiovisual and Video Specialist
Marketing Consultant
Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Data Analyst
Marketing Director
Marketing Internship
Marketing Manager
Marketing Special Events Assistant
Marketing Specialist
Marketing/PR Communications Coordinator
Practice Group Leader
Practice Group Marketing Manager
Proposal Manager
Public Relations Manager
Regional Marketing Manager
Regional Marketing Coordinator
Regional Marketing Senior Coordinator
Senior Branding & Community Engagement Manager
Senior Content Writer
Senior Graphic Designer
Senior Manager – Marketing Events
Senior Marketing Attorney
Senior Marketing Coordinator
SEO Specialist
Social Media Manager
Social Media Specialist


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