Top 10 Mistakes in Employee Handbooks

employee handbook

Many companies and law firms do not see the value in Employee Handbooks. However, a Handbook is a key to the success of your business. It lays out the ownership of the company, what is expected of an employee, who is in charge of management, whom to contact in various situations an employee may encounter,…

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Great Resignation or Great Reshuffle? Law Practice Today

T0 READ:  This great article appeared in Law Practice Today at A record-breaking 42.1 million Americans quit their jobs in 2019. Of course, during 2020, many companies were laying off or furloughing employees. Those with a job mostly held on, as there were not as many options for change. However, as 2021 approached, a…

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Tuesday Wins As the Most Productive Workday

February 21, 2022 | Careers More than 40% of hiring managers say Tuesday is the most productive workday. Therefore, if your to-do list is long, tackle it on Tuesday. Why is this? Too many people fail to plan their Monday, until it is Monday. As to mid week slump, Wednesday takes the prize. To avoid…

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